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This list was created specifically as a support list for templates created by Toki Kantoor and distributed in an ODF file format.

As of 20 April 2018, that list includes the following templates:


  • Inglenook.1.9.ots;
  • Inglenook_Timesaver.only.ots;
  • scale_modellers_calculator.v.1.1.ots
Handwriting Analysis:
  • hawu.ots;
  • Holistic_graphology.0.7.ots;
  • Holistic_graphology.0.8.4.ots;
  • Holistic_graphology.ots;
  • integrative.ots;
  • psychogram_anthony.ots;
  • pwc.ots;
  • WCD.1.6.ots;
  • Wittlich-1.5.ots;
  • wittlich.ots;

 Other Things - Incomplete:

  • nutrition.ots;

As a general policy, support for any template in an ODF file format is not off topic.

ODF File Formats for Templates typically use the following extensions:


  • .OTT;
  • .OTS;
  • .OTP;
  • .OTG;
  • .OTC;
  • .OTF;
  • .OTI;
  • .OTH;


    ODF File Formats are the native file format for the following office suites:

  • Android Office;
  • Apache Open Office;
  • EuroOffice;
  • LibreOffice;
  • NeoOffice;

That is not a comprehensive list of Office Suites that can utilize ODF File Formats.

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